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This farewell makeup look will surely steal the show!

Farewell Party Makeup Look - Maybelline India

Be it school or college, a farewell party marks the end of the golden time you spent there! It is a great way to celebrate and cherish all the fun times you spent and memories you made with your friends. While the party is filled with emotions, there are two things that most people are excited and nervous about – outfit and makeup. After all, it is your day to dress up in the fanciest clothes and look your very best! While you can take care of your outfit, allow us to sort your farewell makeup look. We are here with a detailed breakdown of how you can ace your farewell makeup and steal the show!

1. Face makeup

Your vision with your farewell makeup should be youthful, dewy and fresh.

• Start by applying some primer to moisturised skin. A dewy primer will fill in your pores and also give your skin a beautiful sheen.

• After your primer has been set into place, dot a small amount of foundation across your face. Make sure you don’t apply too much as we want a fresh farewell party makeup look. Blend that foundation well for even coverage.

• Apply minimal concealer under your eyes and on any acne scars, you may want to conceal. Blend it in an upward motion for a lifted look.

• Set it all in with a light layer of pressed powder.

• Start applying your blush from your cheekbones towards the centre of your face. This will evenly distribute your blush.

• To add some glow to your farewell makeup look, gently sweep some highlighter on the high points of your face.

• Set this with some setting spray to lock your base makeup into place.

2. Eye makeup

For your eye makeup, try to keep it simple but chic. This will help you look youthful and ensure your farewell makeup look appears timeless.

• Start by applying some po re filling primer to your eyes. This even out your eyes and make your eye look last longer.

• Dust a light layer of matte brown eyeshadow. Darken your crease slightly to add some definition to your eyes.

• With the vision of keeping your farewell makeup super simple, apply a rose gold-toned shimmer to the eyes. You can apply a little extra shimmer to the centre of your lids to create a halo eyeshadow look.

• If you want to experiment a bit and add a pop of colour to your eye makeup, you add a colourful shade of eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eye.

• For the next step, draw a small winged eyeliner across your lids. Keep the wing small as it looks more youthful.

• To elevate the farewell party makeup look, add a few coats of mascara to make your eyelashes look wispy and fluttery.

• You can fill in your eyebrows very lightly. This will frame your face and add definition as well.

• To further define your eyes, you can add some kajal to your waterline.

3. Lip makeup

The last step to finishing your perfect farewell makeup look is time to use beautiful lipstick.

• Start your lip makeup by applying some lip balm to prep your lips.

• It is now time to choose a lipstick You can pick a shade depending on your outfit. We would recommend opting for a brick nude or a dusky pink nude for your farewell makeup look. These lipstick shades will make you look elegant. If you want something bolder, you can pick a beautiful deep red lipstick. This will add some drama to your look and give you a beautiful pout.

• Top your lipstick with a lip gloss for a poutier lip look!

Picking the right makeup products is the key to achieving the perfect farewell makeup look. Here are a few tools by Maybelline New York that are here to help you:

• To choose your perfect foundation and concealer shade, the Maybelline Foundation Finder tool and the Maybelline Fit Me Finder tool is perfect. You can shade match yourself perfectly from the comfort of your home.

• If you are unsure of what shade of products to choose, the Maybelline Virtual Try On tool enables you to virtually try out our wide catalogue of products and buy the ones you like!

• The Maybelline Lipstick Finder tool is your saviour when you cannot decide on a lipstick shade. This tool picks lipstick options for you based on the occasion and mood!

Now that you look drop-dead gorgeous, it is time to go out there and have fun! Dance through the party and don’t worry, your farewell makeup will not budge.

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