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4 Ganesh Chaturthi Makeup Look

Ganesh Chaturthi Makeup Look

The festival of worship, lights and modak is one of the biggest celebrations of the year. The arrival of the deity Ganesh is an occasion to rejoice and commemorate. We all go pandal hopping and visit all our friends and family. This surely calls for bringing out your best Indian ensemble, getting decked up and creating some Ganpati makeup looks. We bring to you a collated list of four makeup ideas that will elevate your Ganesh Chaturthi makeup look. These makeup ideas will add the perfect amount of glamour without looking too over the top. Keep reading to find out more!

1. Coloured eyeliner

Let your eyes do the talking and add a pop of colour to it. If you’re not in the mood for an elaborate eyeshadow look, a simple stroke of colourful eyeliner will amp up your eye makeup. Switch out that black liquid eyeliner for a brown, navy or a silver one! This simple change will elevate your Ganpati makeup ensemble and add a subtle glam quotient.

Start by applying primer to your lids and let it set on your eyes for 30 seconds. After this, brush a nude eyeshadow across your lid. This will neutralize your eyes and help the colour of your eyeliner to shine through. Choose a coloured eyeliner of your choice and create a sharp wing. Try to keep the thickness of the wing minimal, as a thick liner may make you look overdressed.

2. Beaming highlighter

No Indian festival is complete without a quotient of glow! Amp up your Ganesh Chaturthi makeup and add the glow to your makeup look. While doing your face makeup, seal it in with some shiny and ethereal highlighter. Adding some highlighter to the high points of your face makes your features stand out. It also adds definition to your look and brightens your makeup.

If you are aiming for a glow from within, take some strobing cream and mix it in with your foundation. This will give you a dewy base and help you achieve a subtle glow. If you want a blinding highlighter, you can apply powder highlighter to the high points of your face. It’ll elevate your Ganpati makeup look and make you beam for miles! If you plan on skipping foundation, use a stick highlighter on your bare face. This will give you a sheen without having to use any base products!

3. Bold Lippie

You can never go wrong with a bold lipstick to bring your festive makeup looks together. Adding a pop of colour to your lips will be the perfect touch to a Ganesh Chaturthi Makeup look. You can experiment with different lip colours and choose one that matches your mood. From bright pinks, oranges, reds or maroons, you can take your pick!

Before you start your lip makeup, make sure to prep your lips with some lip balm. This will ensure your lipstick glides on smoothly and doesn’t leave you with chappy lips. Line your lips with a lip liner of the same colour as your lipstick. Start to fill your lips with the colour of your choice. If you want a lipstick for your Ganpati makeup that is super long lasting, you can opt for a liquid lipstick. This will last all day without the need for touch-ups!

4. Smoke your waterline

For your Ganesh Chaturthi makeup, nothing is more perfect than a touch of kajal. If you are looking for a minimal Ganpati makeup look, this is the way for you. Simply take your super black kajal and swipe it across your waterline. With the help of a fine brush, smoke it out ever so slightly. This will create a no effort smokey effect for your eyes. If you want to define the shape of your eyes more, line your lash line with kajal as well. You can also apply some mascara to your lashes to make them look wispy. Pair this eye makeup with a nude lipstick, and you are ready with your fuss-free Ganpati Makeup look.

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