Top 2024 Makeup Trends That You Would Definitely Want To Try Out

Top 2024 Makeup Trends

Makeup is all about accepting yourself as well as embracing the trends that present themselves in new forms every year. Wet-look makeup, crystal-encrusted eyes, neon hues, and more dominated the 2023 beauty circuit. However, the wind of the makeup-verse is predicted to take a different yet known route this year. Analysing the trends of the previous year, celebrated makeup artists across the globe hope graphic eye makeup, glossy lips, blue tones, etc., to go viral again. So, what exactly are the 2024 makeup trends? Let’s find out! Here, we have collated the biggest 2024 makeup trends that are going to rule the hearts of makeup junkies. Learn about the 2024 makeup trends, and pick any of those as per your mood and occasion, and steal the show!  


Biggest 2024 makeup trends


This year, get dolled up with the following makeup trends:

1. Soft glam makeup

Full-face heavy makeup look is going to stand in a corner this year. 2024 will witness people leaning towards soft glam makeup looks that accentuate their natural features instead of veiling them. Embrace your natural skin texture, and imperfections and get the look by using concealers wherever needed. Master the art of creating soft diffused eyeshadow look, getting thoroughly brushed eyebrows, and natural lips! And you’re done!  

2. Graphic eye makeup

Look who’s set to command the eye makeup arena this 2024! Graphic eyeliner looks! Unleash your artistry and show the world your unique take on makeup with graphic eye makeup looks. This quirky 2024 makeup trend is all about experimenting with geometric shapes with eyeliner. Try out floating eye liner looks, cloud-like eyeliner looks and stun the world with your creativity! 

3. Blush! Blush! Blush!

Ever heard of the glazed blush makeup look? 2024 makeup trends are expected to welcome a glazed blush look that is highly glossy and balmy and leaves you with a hydrated yet soft flushed look. Make some room for cream blushes and liquid highlighters this year to get this look.  

4. Feathered Brows

Take your eyebrow game a notch higher with the feathered brows 2024 makeup trend. Structured eyebrows are going to leave the stage for a while to pave the way for natural-looking brows. This new trend requires you to slightly fill the gaps wherever needed with an Tattoo Brow 36-hr eyebrow pencil. Create a soft brow frame and enhance your brow look subtly with this makeup trend. 

5. Blue hues

2024 makeup trends seem to be leaning a bit towards blue hues. The resurrection of blue eyeshadow looks will surely let you take a break from the golden or copper eye looks and give you the courage to work with 60’s popular and bold colours like blue. Get ready to rock aqua makeup look and revive the 60’s nostalgia in 2024.  

6. Lifted lashes

Surprisingly, there are various trends in lashes in 2024. Elevated lashes! Natural and lifted lashes are going to be in vogue this year. How to get naturally lifted lashes, you ask? Get your hands on a lash-lift waterproof mascara, and apply a few strokes and gear up to flaunt wispy, voluminous and lifted lashes instantly and effortlessly! Follow this trend in lashes in 2024 and say goodbye to falsies! 

7. Glossy lips

Curious to know the trends in lips in 2024? It’s the glossy lips that stayed back and decided to cast its magic on the lips. You can use lip gloss or lip oils to achieve that shiny look. Natural and sheer shades are going to be on the list of top trends in lips in 2024. Those who want to take their lip game to the next level can go for liquid lipstick with a high glossy shine. 

8. Coloured eyeliners

2024 allows you to be playful with your eye makeup. Yes, you read it right! Coloured eyeliners are one of the new eye makeup trends of 2024 that gives your eye a punch of vibrancy in just a few smooth glides. Trust colours like teal, amethyst, and navy, and break loose from traditional black eyeliner for a while. 

9. Monochromatic makeup

The power of one still prevails in the form of monochromatic makeup. The makeup world saw the rise of monochromatic makeup in the past years and 2024 is anticipated to follow the same path. Dip your toe in one of the biggest 2024 makeup trends with a single-colour palette and paint your lips, cheeks, and eyelids subtly. After all, there is no harm in opting for a one-toned simple and elegant makeup trend this year.   


We hope the above-mentioned list of top 2024 makeup trends will let you start the new year with a blast. If you are unsure whether colours like blue or other makeup looks would suit you or not, you can utilise Maybelline Virtual Try On tool and virtually experiment with various eye makeup, lip makeup, and face makeup products. Need assistance with foundation shade selection? You can check out our Maybelline Foundation Finder tool that helps you find the perfect shade match in no time. So, what are you waiting for? Try out these new makeup trends, don’t shy away from bold colours, and flaunt your quirky and stylish side to the world.