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4 Common Eyeliner Mistakes And Tips How To Fix Them

4 Common Eyeliner Mistakes

From finding the right lipstick shade that complements your skin tone to contouring your face to get a chiseled cheekbone and jawline, you have probably aced all the steps to create a flawless face makeup and lip makeup. But when it comes to the eyes, there is one eye makeup product that most makeup lovers secretly hate – the eyeliner! If you too have struggled with this innocent looking makeup product, here are some simple eyeliner tips that you can use to fix the 4 common eyeliner mistakes that most people make.

EYELINER MISTAKE 1 – You are pulling or tugging your eye every time you apply eyeliner

If you have pulled at the outer edge of your eyes to make your skin taut and smooth before applying your eyeliner, you are not alone. Pulling at your eye stretches your skin stretches the eyeliner along with it as well. Once you release your eye, the skin bounces back to its normal position, moving the eyeliner too. This creates an uneven and bump eyeliner line and you end up spending additional time drawing over this to fix the eyeliner. And that’s not all, the skin around your eyes is thinner than the skin in the rest of your face, making your eye contours extremely delicate. Constantly pulling at your eye every morning while doing your makeup will irritate the skin and also cause fine lines and wrinkles much sooner! Instead of pulling your skin to keep it tight, a simple eyeliner hack is to anchor the side of your palm on your cheek when applying eyeliner to give you a smooth and even stroke.

EYELINER MISTAKE 2 – You only use liquid eyeliner

While liquid eyeliners are great to create sharp and precise lines to get bold and dramatic eyes, they are not always beginner friendly. A common eyeliner mistake that most beginners make is to go in straight with liquid eyeliner even when they have no prior experience. While there is nothing wrong in starting out with a liquid eyeliner, using a gel liner like the Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner by Maybelline or a sketch pen liner like the Maybelline Colossal Liner gives you greater control and flawless precision so you can create eye-catching looks without worrying about drawing neat lines.

EYELINER MISTAKE 3 – You never experiment with colour

Black eyeliners are tried and tested cult favourites, so we understand why you gravitate towards this safe colour that will never let you down. But never switching up your eyeliner colour to match with the rest of your makeup can make your eyes look unnaturally bold. Dark brown eyeliners are great to darken up the eyes without making them stand out. Blue and purple eyeliners are fun ways to add a pop of colour to your eyes without going all in with a bright eyeshadow. Here is an eyeliner hack if you want to make your eyes look bigger and brighter - use a grey eyeliner. The Maybelline Tattoo Studio Gel Eyeliner Pencil is available in a variety of pigment-rich hues so you can match the shade to your mood and create endless fun eyeliner looks. If you have never experimented with a Sparkling Silver or Rich Amethyst eyeliner colour before, try them on virtually with the Maybelline Virtual Try On tool. The Virtual Try On tool is a quick and hassle-free way to test out different Maybelline makeup products from the comfort of your own home and with zero commitment.

EYELINER MISTAKE 4 – You are using too much liquid eyeliner on your lower lash line as well

While smudging a small amount of liquid eyeliner on the lower lash line is alright if you want to create a dark and brooding smokey eye look, going overboard with the product is a recipe for disaster. Wearing liquid eyeliner on both, the top and lower lash line can make your eyes look small and closed off. And if you choose a non-waterproof and non-smudgeproof formula, you will be left with racoon eyes by the end of the day, and that is not a good look on anybody! To fix this, a simple eyeliner tip is to save the liquid liner for the top lash line only. Use a gel or pencil eyeliner on the lower lash line to avoid the product running down your face. Or you can also use a waterproof and smudge-proof liquid eyeliner like the Maybelline Colossal Bold Liner that delivers intense black payoff for up to 24 hours without any smudging or fading.

Bonus Eyeliner Tip – Ever wondered why an eyeliner style looks stunning on your friend but does not look half as good on your eyes? Your eye shape plays a huge role in the final look of the eyeliner so find the perfect eyeliner style for your eye shape by reading the Ultimate Eyeliner Guide.

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