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3 Lipstick Tips To Get Perfect Application Every Time

Maybelline Lip Balm with 16hr moisture

The right colour of lipstick ties the whole makeup look together. On the other hand, if you do a shabby job at applying your lipstick, your final result will look messy and imperfect even if the rest of your makeup is flawless. Even though there are no rules to makeup and you should do what feels right to you, a few lip makeup tips will make your lipstick application process a whole lot easier. Here are some lipstick tips to help you get the perfect look every time.

1. Keep your lips hydrated. ALWAYS.

The first tip is not really a lipstick tip but a pre-lipstick product that will help you in the long run. Whether you are someone who wears lipstick every day or someone who only whips it out on special occasions, well moisturized and soft lips will keep your lipstick looking fresh and flawless all day long. If you have dry and chapped lips, your lipstick will settle into the cracks and will cling on to the flaky dead skin. Not a flattering look!

To keep your lips hydrated, use a rich and nourishing lip balm or oil and apply it every day, morning and evening, while you do the rest of your skin care. If you have extremely dry lips with a lot of dead skin, exfoliate your lips once or twice every week to get rid of the dry skin and then load on a generous amount of lip balm. Moisturized lips look supple and healthy and will ensure a smooth lipstick application every time.

And that’s not all, if you do not look the look or feel of an intensely pigmented lipstick and prefer a more natural and lightweight tint instead, you can try a coloured lip balm. They add a slight hint of colour to your lips while still providing intense hydration. For example, the Maybelline Baby Lips Loves Colors, available in 3 tinted shades, keeps your lips hydrated for 16 hours with a translucent pop of colour and shine. Colour and care in one!

2. Do not skip out on lip liner

Most people tend to go straight in with their lipsticks and do not line their lips. A lip liner not only helps you define the natural outline of your lips but can also help your lipstick last longer. If you are used to wearing creamy lip sticks or are a fan of lip glosses, applying a lip liner first will give your lipsticks and lip glosses something to adhere to, thus increasing their longevity. This lip makeup tip will prevent your lipstick from getting messy and feathering or bleeding outside of your lips.

If you want to define your lips and get a more precise application of your lipstick, try the Color Sensational Shaping Lip Liner by Maybelline. The creamy and pigmented lip liner helps you accentuate your lips and makes your lipstick stay put. Outline or fill in your lips with the Color Sensational Lip Liner before going in with your favourite lipstick.

3. Lipstick tip for a vibrant lip

Have you ever wondered why a bright and vibrant lip colour does not look the same on your lip as it does in the tube? This is because your natural lip colour, regardless of how light or dark it is, distorts the true colour of the lipstick. This simple lip makeup tip works great for when you want to rock a bright pop of colour like a bold orange or a hot pink. Before you apply your lipstick, simple dab a tiny amount of liquid foundation or concealer and blend it into a thin layer all your lips. This will neutralize the natural pigment of your lips and create a blank canvas for your bright lipstick. Your lipstick will now look much brighter and truer to its original shade and vibrancy.

Applying lipstick is not rocket science but we understand it’s not always easy to get the perfect application. Keep these 3 simple lipstick tips in mind to ace your lipstick game every time. Want an even more in-depth guide on how to apply lipstick the right way? We got you covered! Read our Step by Step Lipstick Application Guide to learn more.

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