How to Create Bold Makeup Looks for Women's Day

Womens Day Makeup   Maybelline India

Ladies, it’s your time to shine bright as International Women's Day is around the corner. Years on after liberation movements, there’s nothing holding women back from putting their bold, fierce, glamorous self forward! And what better way can there be to enjoy this juncture than to step out as your best self with a stunning Women’s Day makeup look.  


Though you may trivialise dressing up, wearing makeup, and taking care of yourself as the more superficial aspects of the day, looking your best self can help you embody and amplify your personality confidently. A Women’s Day makeup can be your form of self-expression, allowing you to portray a vision and creativity that’s individual to you. The right Women’s Day makeup look can elevate a woman's confidence, making her feel unstoppable and ready to conquer the world. 

Importance of Makeup for women

We agree, it’s a hot debate! People are divided over how cosmetics, especially whether a Women’s Day makeup look is empowering or oppressing. While the debate remains unresolved, we all can agree that the importance of makeup is in its choice. Several beauty gurus, scholars, and ‘lipstick feminists’ believe that makeup allows women to be everything she can be. A woman can be glamorous and intellectual at the same time, without having to let go of the other. So, let your Women’s Day makeup be an ode to your confident, bold, soft, ravishing, girl boss, and radiant aura. On this note, here is an easy tutorial on recreating a stunning Women’s Day makeup look - 

Eye Makeup Routine for Women's Day

Naturally, we start with our showstopper - the eyes! The importance of makeup is evident when it comes to the eyes. You can absolutely transform your personality with the way you play around with eye makeup. From commanding siren eyes to soft, doe-eyed Women’s Day makeup look, the canvas is all yours! 


Here's our step-by-step guide if you want glamorous and commanding eyes for your Women’s Day makeup look: 


Step 1: Even the base

Start off your Women’s Day makeup by applying a primer to your eyelids. This will ensure that your eye makeup look lasts longer. This step will also even out the base for your makeup to glide smoothly, giving you a flawlessly finished Women’s Day makeup look. 

Step 2: Select your colours

Bold or vibrant, this is where your choice comes in. You can choose all black for a smokey-eye look, vibrant tints, or a single colour palette that represents your aura and personality for the Women’s Day makeup. Don't be afraid to experiment with bold hues and eye-catching shimmers. Finalise your colour palette for your eyeliner, kajal, eyebrow pencil, and eyeshadow

Step 3: Apply Eyeshadow

Once you’ve selected the eyeshadow palette using a blending brush, focusing on the crease and outer corners of your eyes. This will give depth and dimension to your Women’s Day makeup look. You can stick to a single colour or blend in multiple shades to create a rainbow or ombre look.  

Step 4: Apply Eyeliner

The wing says it all! You can make your eyes appear sharper, rounder, smaller, or bigger with just your eyeliner. Give your Women’s Day makeup look all the drama it needs with a pigmented, black or coloured eyeliner. If you wish to go all out, you can even experiment with coloured liners for your Women’s Day makeup. 

Step 5: Finalise the look with Kajal and Mascara

Add a sharp line of Kajal on your lower lash line. If you wish to make your eyes appear bigger and rounder, use a white-coloured Kajal pencil. Use a non-sticky, volumising waterproof mascara to make your lashes appear fuller and mesmerising. 

Step 6: Eyebrow Makeup

If your brows appear undone and take away from your Women’s Day makeup look, use an eyebrow pencil to fill in the scanty areas. You can also use an eyebrow gel to groom your brows and ensure that they stay in place all day. This is an important step that will add all the symmetry to your eye makeup look. 

Finishing Touches

Finish off your eye makeup by adding a tinge of highlighter beneath your brows. This gives your arches definition. You can also use colour correctors and concealers to blur out any pigmentation or your dark circles to get a picturesque Women’s Day makeup look. 

Face Makeup Routine for Women's Day

The importance of makeup is also seen in the way that it can enhance your facial features and give you a flawless complexion. Face makeup look has the power to bring out the beauty of your own bone structure. To create a Women's Day makeup look that highlights your natural beauty, follow these steps:

Step 1: Prep and Prime

Much like your eyes, begin your Women’s Day makeup for your face by applying a primer to your face and create a smooth canvas for the rest of your makeup. This also keeps your skin’s oil control in check. 

Step 2: Foundation

Try out foundations on your jawline to find a perfect shade that is the nexus of your neck and face skin tone. Alternately, you can try the Maybelline Foundation Finder tool to get the perfect shade match virtually from the comfort of your home. Try a light or medium coverage foundation to avoid cakey base for your Women’s Day makeup. Liquid foundations blend better so find an airy, lightweight foundation if you’re planning to go for a minimal makeup look. If heavy makeup is not for you, you can even experiment with lightwear skin tints. Blend it evenly across your face using a makeup sponge or brush. 

Step 3: Conceal

Apply a concealer under your eyes and on any blemishes if you wish to create an even complexion. A concealer will give your Women’s Day makeup look a blank slate, and enhance your overall face, eye, and lip makeup.   

Step 4: Sculpt

Sculpting tends to be the toughest but the most fun part of face makeup. A highlighter, a blusher, a bronzer, and a contour can significantly elevate your makeup look. You can enhance the natural bone structure to truly personalise your Women’s Day makeup look. Add warmth to your face by adding a bronzer to sun-kissed areas like your forehead and cheekbones. Now create shadows in the dips of your face with a contour. Use it on the temples, side of your nose, jawline, hollows of your cheek. Add a natural, healthy glow to your Women’s Day makeup with a blush on your cheek. Finally, use a highlighter on the high points of your face like cheekbones, brow bones, cupid's bow, chin, to let light reflect perfectly from your face.  

Lip Makeup Routine for Women's Day

Nothing reflects your mood better than your lip makeup. A bold pout is the perfect way to make a statement with your Women's Day makeup look. A good lip makeup can instantly boost your confidence and make you feel fun, vivacious, and unstoppable. To create bold lips, follow these steps: 

Step 1: Exfoliate

Exfoliate your lips to remove any dry skin and create a smooth surface for your lipstick. After exfoliation, apply a lip balm to mouisturise your lips.  

Step 2: Line your lips

Apply a lip liner that matches, or is darker than your chosen lipstick shade. This will help to define your lips and prevent your lipstick from feathering. If you want fuller lips for your Women’s Day makeup, you can even overline your lips with the liner. 

Step 3: Colour in

Fill in your lips with a lipstick shade that complements your skin tone, eye makeup. Opt for a long-lasting formula that will remain smudge-proof and transfer-proof throughout the day. You can even create an ombre Women’s Day makeup by using two different shades of lipsticks.  

Step 4: Gloss

Add sparkle to your Women’s Day makeup look by coating your lips with a layer of shimmery gloss. Apply a touch of lip gloss to the centre of your lips for a plump and luscious finish. 

Look good this women’s day

Getting this makeup lineup ready in such short a notice might seem tough. Thankfully, you can get your hands on all essentials for women’s day makeup online. Simply, upload a selfie or use your camera to test out the array of different eye, lip and face makeup products. We’re talking about the Maybelline Virtual Try-on tool that will help you select versatile lipsticks, eyeshadows, mascaras, and other Women’s Day makeup products from the comfort of your home, without spending a penny.  


With Maybelline, looking good on Women's Day or any other day of the year is now easy. We believe that makeup is more than just vanity; it's a way to celebrate your individuality, strength, and resilience as a woman. So, embrace your inner beauty by creating a stunning Women's Day makeup look that showcases your unique style.