Soft-girl, coquette makeup looks for Valentine's Day

Soft-girl, coquette makeup looks for Valentine's Day

Without a doubt, the coquette aesthetic has become the raging beauty trend of 2024. Obviously, there’s no better time to pull this off than Valentine’s Day. Filled with gentle hues of pink, the coquette makeup palette will let you personify all the love in the air!  


A part of French culture, the word ‘coquette’ was used for women who were well aware of their charms. The fun, flirtatious phenomenon of coquette aesthetic has now translated to a ‘soft girl’ look. For newer generations, the coquette style is all about embracing your hyper-feminine, delicate self. You too, can jump aboard the trend train to make this flirty, romantic look your Valentine’s Day weapon. All you need are a few pinks, nudes, and some shimmer. Here’s a simple guide for wearing the coquette aesthetic with Maybelline to have everyone weak in their knees! 

Coquette Makeup Skin

Coquette fashion revolves around looking young, feminine, and vivacious. It is all about having a pure, countryside glow. You want your face makeup to look smooth and dewy to mimic this look. Make sure your coquette makeup starts with a pore blurring primer that will give your skin a smooth finish, almost like a porcelain doll. After that, you can go for a weightless skin tint if you want to pull off a light coquette makeup. If your skin and look require a more elaborate base, find your perfect foundation shade to create a strong base layer. The Superstay liquid foundation, that blends easily, is a great pick for creating a coquette aesthetic. Cakey and patchy blotches are a big no. After a smooth base layer, you can dab in a few drops of concealer on any spots or blemishes you might have to cover. This step will add a young, delicate appearance to the coquette makeup look, making you the perfect Valentine! 

Soft Doe-Eyes

This is a crucial step when it comes to the coquette makeup trend. The colour palette you use for your eye makeup will make or break your Valentine’s Day coquette makeup look. The key is to create flirty eyes without going overboard. To start with, you can soften your brows by using a light-coloured eyebrow gel. This will keep your brows soft, angled, and intact all through a day full of romance. Subtlety can’t be overlooked during coquette makeup. Use soft shimmery pinks, peaches, and iridescent whites for your softly blended eyeshadow. Use a thin swipe of black eyeliner that curves at the bottom. Follow it with a white liner or a Kajal pencil on the lower lash line to get doe eyes that perfect your coquette makeup. The entire coquette aesthetic would be a waste if you don’t flutter eyelashes at your date. Use light, non-sticky mascara inwards to add density to your winks. Ensure your eyes look innocent and not dramatic.  

Blush Away

Nothing builds excitement like a little pink in your cheeks. It is only fitting to look flushed and lively on Valentine’s day. Coquette aesthetic comes in as your saviour. Pink, rosy cheeks take the centre stage of your doll-like look. Using the light, creamy Improved fit me powder blush is a must for your coquette makeup. While pinks and salmons are the hallmark of this look, you can experiment with different colours depending on your skin undertones. In our books, rose pinks only bring good. You can dab in slight blusher on your nose to achieve a natural looking blood rush. Though pink, the coquette makeup is still all about elusive notes. Make sure your blush stays as muted as your eye makeup.  


A pretty face must take the spotlight. Be it a bright day-date or a glowy eve, the Facestudio master chrome highlighter will only further your cause this Valentine’s. The coquette aesthetic rewards petite qualities of the feminine face. The highlighter will help you soften your features for the look. Apply a slight shimmer on the top of your nose, cheekbones, cupid’s bow and under your brows. This will elevate your features for the coquette makeup look. As an added perk, it lets the light bounce off of your face perfectly. This will add a fairy-tale finish to your day out with beau. If you are wearing low, plunging necklines, dab some highlighter on your collar bones as well, to achieve an overall pearly coquette aesthetic. 

Pink Pout

An irresistible pout is what coquette makeup offers. You have to create a bouncy, plump lip makeup to bring in your look. To achieve this, overline your cupid's bow with a lip liner. You can use a slightly darker pink, maroon liner to create depth. Don’t stray from the coquette fashion colour palette when it comes to your lipstick. Using a natural shell-pink Superstay vinyl ink lipstick, paint your lips lush. Make sure that your liner and lipstick look homogenous. You can blend the two again using a lip gloss. This will give an added bounce to your coquette makeup lips. If the gloss is a bit much for your taste, you can glaze your pout with a soft lip balm. These kissable lips tie together your perfect, soft girl, coquette makeup look. 


With a perfect coquette aesthetic, you never know how long your Valentine’s Day might go on for. Make sure you lock in your look with a lightweight setting spray that does not add weight to your glam. Remember to keep your coquette fashion homogenous and opt for light pinks, ribbons, laces, and volume in both - your hair and clothing.  


Be prepared for your V-Day plan and head onto Maybelline’s Virtual Try-On Tool. You can pick and choose between a multitude of light pinks online to create a perfect coquette makeup palette. Simply use your camera or upload a photo to find your perfect shades of lip, face, and eye makeup. You can also check out Maybelline’s Foundation Finder Tool which will give you the precise, luminous foundation, concealer, and skin tint shades. For this season of love - go fun, feminine, and flirty!