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What is purple blush, let’s decode the hype around it

The Hype Around Purple Blush

While doing your face makeup, adding a sweep of blush to your face is a great way to achieve a healthy glow. We often gravitate towards shades of pinks and corals for our blush. However, a new trend has been making the rounds and it has everyone adding a dash of purple to their cheeks. The purple blush trend has taken the internet by storm and is being loved by people across the board. So, what exactly is this  trend and what are the perks of using purple blush? Let’s find out.

The rise of purple blush -

The purple blush trend came into the limelight when beauty creators raved about it on multiple social media platforms. Using a purple blush may sound absurd, but trust us it is sure to give you a facelift. While blush of pink and coral add a sunkissed look to your features, purple blush will make your features appear more snatched. Due to the colour, it is recommended that we use cream purple blush. This helps you blend out the product better, without leaving any harsh lines or strokes behind.

How to apply purple blush?

After applying foundation, concealer and contour, dot your cream purple blush under your cheekbones. With your fingers or a brush, blend it in an upward motion towards your temples. Once you are happy with how your blush looks, you can set your base makeup with powder and add some highlighter to complete the look.

Purple blush on fair skin

Using purple blush on fair skin is slightly tricky. Purple blush when blended on lighter skin can often look like a bruise. So if you have fair skin and want to jump on the purple blush trend, simply venture into shades of purple. A lilac or lavender blush is sure to flatter your skin tone. If you want to use a deeper purple blush shade, dot very little and make sure you blend it well.

Purple blush on dark skin

A true royal purple blush shade looks great on people with darker skin. It may look too bold in the pan but it blends into your skin and gives you a beautiful flush of colour. If you have yellow undertones, based on the colour wheel theory, purple blush will counteract your natural undertone and give your skin a brighter appearance. You can opt for a deep shade of purple blush on dark skin for a beautiful look.

But what if I don’t have a purple blush?

Since purple blush isn’t a commonly used product, it may not be a part of your makeup vanity. If you don’t want to invest in a purple blush, you can simply use your lipsticks instead! Pick your favourite creamy purple lipstick and apply it where you usually apply your blush. From the Maybelline Creamy Matte lipsticks range, you can opt for shades like Divine Wine, Burgundy Blush and Mauve it up. Just apply a bit of this creamy lipstick on your face and blend it well.

Here are a few tools from Maybelline New York that will help you choose your makeup products better:

• The Maybelline Foundation Finder tool helps you shade match yourself from the comfort of your home. You can virtually pick the perfect shade of foundation, concealer and powder and find a shade that fits you right.
• With the Maybelline Virtual Try On tool, you can try different makeup products virtually. You can create different looks and choose products that you love.
• The Maybelline Lipstick Finder tool helps you virtually check out various lipstick shades and buy the ones you like best.

If you’re someone who loves makeup and like experimenting with different makeup trends, the purple blush trend is going to interest you. It is sure to add a healthy flush to your skin while looking absolutely flattering. So, the next time you plan to head out for a dinner party,  try using a purple blush and look your absolute best!

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