Learn How To Hide Hyperpigmentation With Makeup Like A Pro

How To Hide Hyperpigmentation With Makeup Like A Pro

Flawless, even and glowing - these are three skin goals we all have. Maybe in a parallel world, everyone is blessed with these qualities and a perfect skin! But the reality is different, real skin has hyperpigmentation and dark spots. While these imperfections are completely normal, on some days you may want to hide them, for instance cover pigmentation with makeup. We are here with tips that will teach you how to hide pigmentation with makeup. With a few of these steps in your makeup routine, we’re sure you’ll have the flawless skin of your dreams!  

Step 1: Primer

This step may seem irrelevant, but trying to cover pigmentation with makeup using a primer is a game changer! Primers may not help in reducing the appearance of your dark spots, but it creates a smooth canvas for your makeup. Start your hyperpigmentation makeup by using a pore filling primer and applying it to your t-zone, forehead and chin. Along with filling your pores, a primer will also help your makeup last longer and stay in place without getting cakey.  

Step 2: Colour correction

This step is the secret sauce of how to cover pigmentation with makeup effectively! The biggest concern while doing face makeup with Indian skin tone is that your foundation and concealer tend to look ashy and grey. This also results in the pigmentation of your skin peeking through your base makeup. To avoid this, the technique of colour correction is very effective. Colour correcting in makeup takes learnings from colour theory to neutralise unwanted complexion tones, like redness or purple under-eye circles. To cover pigmentation with makeup, an orange colour corrector is the most effective. Orange colour corrector cancels out any darkness or pigmentation you may have on the skin. Simply dot some orange corrector over any hyperpigmentation you may want to conceal and blend it well. A great hack if you don’t have an orange colour corrector, is to simply use red or orange creamy lipstick.  

Step 3: Foundation

After blending the colour corrector, it is time to add some coverage. The best method to cover pigmentation with makeup is by using a full coverage foundation. If you have severe hyperpigmentation, a sheer foundation will not cover it completely. Layering sheer foundation can often lead to your makeup looking cakey. Dot full coverage foundation across your face and blend it well. Remember to blend the foundation thoroughly as this will help give you a natural finish.   

Step 4: Concealer

For additional coverage, using a creamy concealer works wonders! To get full coverage with your hyperpigmentation makeup apply some concealer under your eyes and on your dark spots. Blend it well with your fingers or with a beauty sponge. You can also use a lighter concealer under your eyes to get a brightening effect. 

Step 5: Set your makeup

When you use foundation and concealer, it is important to set them in place. This ensures your full coverage and your hyperpigmentation makeup stays put all day. If you have dry skin, you can lightly dust some pressed powder across your face. However, if you have oily skin baking with some loose powder will be a better option. This will mattify your skin and ensure your base makeup won’t crack or melt! After you are done applying powder, set your base makeup with a setting spray. This will ensure your makeup doesn’t look powdery and looks beautiful together!  


To find your foundation shade match, you can use the Maybelline Foundation Finder tool. With this tool, you can get your perfect foundation shade by simply scanning your face and from the comfort of your home. Another Maybelline tools that can help you perfect your makeup include the Maybelline Virtual Try On tool. With the virtual try on tool, you can try out different products from the comfort of your home and pick the ones you like best!  


With just these five steps, you can become a pro at how to hide pigmentation with makeup. This is the perfect look for a special occasion or when you want to get your full glam on! Browse through a wide range of face makeup, eye makeup and lip makeup products by Maybelline India to add in your hyperpigmentation makeup.