7-Step Flawless Base Makeup Tutorial For Winters

7-Step Flawless Base Makeup Tutorial For Winters - Maybelline India

Let’s face it, getting flawless base makeup during winters is a challenging task, especially when you have dry and flaky skin. Undoubtedly, winter is an ideal time to plan afternoon dates to soak up the winter sun. However, the dropping temperatures can affect your skin and ruin your mood to apply any makeup. But not when you listen to our advice and keep these tips and tricks handy the next time you set out to apply winter base makeup. These pointers will help you understand how to apply base makeup, especially for the wintery weather. 

Step-by-step guide on winter base makeup

Follow the step-wise winter base makeup tutorial and don’t let the cold breeze steal your charm. 

Step 1: Moisturise your skin well

Prepping your skin well is the most significant step before beginning with your winter base makeup or any other makeup look. As this is a winter base makeup look, it is very important to lather your skin with a rich moisturising cream. Using a moisturiser will hydrate your skin and also prevent your makeup from cracking or settling into your lines. 

Step 2: Pick a dewy primer

The second step in your quest to achieve a perfect winter base makeup look is using a dewy primer during the winter. A mattifying primer during the winter may make your skin feel too tight or dry. Whereas a dewy primer will help you get a glow from within. 

Step 3: Mix your foundation with moisturiser

In summers, a mattifying foundation is a perfect pick. However, that same foundation can turn out to be too drying for your skin during winter. You don’t need to rush to the store to buy another foundation. Just add a drop of moisturizer to your foundation and mix it well. This will give you the look of a dewy foundation and help you get that flawless base makeup. 

Step 4: Apply a light layer of foundation and concealer

Now that you’ve made your foundation dewy, it is also important to ensure that you apply a very thin layer of base makeup. In the cold weather, your skin is prone to becoming dry quickly. Loading it with too much product can lead to the cracking of your makeup and leave you with a cakey finish. A light layer of foundation and concealer will ensure the perfect makeup base. 

If you have trouble finding your perfect shade of foundation and concealer, the Maybelline Foundation Finder tool is perfect for you. This tool will pick the perfect shade of foundation, concealer, and powder for you to get flawless base makeup. 

Step 5: Skip out on loose powder

Baking with loose powder is perfect for summer days as it prevents you from getting oily or greasy throughout the day. During the winters, your makeup is less prone to getting shiny and oily. This is why you can skip out on using a loose powder in the winter. Instead, to set your makeup in place use a compact powder. A light dusting of compact powder will give you just the right amount of coverage and lock your winter base makeup in place. 

Step 6: Use cream-based products

Another important tip to remember while doing your winter base makeup is to use cream-based or stick products instead of powder products. Using a cream blush or highlighter will ensure the products melt into your skin. You can use a stick highlighter for the perfect natural glow. Cream-based products last longer and are the perfect pick to get flawless base makeup in winter. If you don’t have a creamy blush, you can simply add colour to your cheeks with the help of your favourite lipstick

Step 7: Refresh your skin with a setting spray

This product can be the secret ’sauce’ in your recipe for getting a flawless winter base makeup and ensure that you look on point through the harsh winter days. Using a setting spray throughout the day can help your makeup last longer, while also hydrating your skin. A few sprays will give you the perfect makeup base. If you want to quickly do a touch-up, simple dampen your beauty sponge with some setting spray and gently dab it across your face. This will ensure your makeup looks well-blended and glowy throughout the day. 


Once you are done with your base makeup, finish your eye and lip makeup and you’re ready to rock any and every occasion. If you have trouble finding any face makeup, lip makeup, or eye makeup products, you can head towards the Maybelline Virtual Try On tool. This tool allows you to virtually try out a wide variety of products and create different looks. 


And there you have it, the perfect winter base makeup tutorial to ace your winter base makeup. Remember to follow these steps and flaunt flawless base makeup this holiday season!