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Sophisticated colors that leave you spoilt for choice! Available in 24 shades.
Superstay Nails_Beige Touch_C
Superstay Nails_Beige Touch_D

Superstay Gel Nail Color

Beige Touch 877
Sophisticated colors that leave you spoilt for choice! Available in 24 shades.
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  • Beige Touch 877
  • Bubble Gum 155
  • Crystal Clear 25
  • Deep Red 06
  • Divine Wine 265
  • Emerald Excess 869
  • Enduring Pink 125
  • Ever Burgundy 270
  • Extreme Black Current 05
  • French Manicure 76
  • Midnight Red 287
  • Mint For Life 615
  • Orange Couture 460
  • Pink In The Park 21
  • Pur White 71
  • Red Hot Getaway 872
  • Rose Poudre 130
  • Hot Salsa 490
  • Rosy Fuschia 180
  • Rosy Sand 778
  • Rouge Passion 08
  • Sun Kissed 873
  • Surrel 635
  • Up Town Blue 20

Why you'll love it

What it is

This collection is designed to give each nail “plump polished perfection” along with a smooth and perfect finish , allowing you to show them off. It offers a range of 24 shades from bold colors, gentle pastels to timeless nudes; you've got it all.


Has a range of 24 gorgeous nail polish shades
- Stays on for 7 days without chipping or damage
- Gives nails a smooth and perfect finish
- Has a gel color, finish and shine

How to use/apply

Step 1. Apply a clear base coat to help prevent your nails from yellowing and to extend the life of your nail polish color. 
Step 2. Brush one coat of lacquer from the center of your nail starting from the base to the tip. 
Step 3. For the cleanest look, leave a small space at the base of the nail, then apply polish to the rest of the nail.
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