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Do You Really Need To Use A Lip Liner? Yes You Do, And Here’s Why!

Do You Really Need To Use A Lip Liner? Yes You Do, And Here’s Why!

If we had to make a list of makeup products that people think they can do without, lip liner would be all the way on top. From faking fuller lips to making your lip makeup last all day, lip liner pencil is a great addition to your makeup routine if you want to transform your pout. But how much difference can this humble lip pencil make – a lot, and let us show you how!

Here are of the top reasons why you should use a lip liner

1. Feathered lipstick is a big beauty no-no and lip liners prevent your lipstick colours from bleeding and feathering outside your natural lip line. By outlining your lips with a matte lip liner, you are creating a boundary for your lipstick, keeping the colour where they belong – on your lips!

2. Lip liner pencils are great to outline your lip and give your pout some stunning definition. When working with creamy lipsticks, it can sometimes be difficult to give your lips a crisp outline, especially when the lipstick is old and blunt. Before filling in your lips with lipstick, use a lip pencil shade that closely matches your natural lip colour or the shade of lipstick you are about to use, and outline your lips to give them some shape. If you are a makeup aficionado, you can also use light and dark lip pencil shades and experiment with lip contouring to sculpt your pout.

3. If there is one thing Kylie Jenner taught us, it is the art of overlining your lips to get a perfect plump pout. When used correctly, lip liner pencils can help create the illusion of bigger and fuller lips. To overline your lips, start by outlining your Cupid’s Bow (The V shape in the centre of your top lip) just slightly outside its natural line. Then follow your natural lip line and join the lip liner to the corners of your mouth. Repeat the same process on the bottom lip by overlining just the centre portion of the lower lip and tracing the natural lip line as you move towards the corners. Fill your lips in with a matte lip liner and then go in with a liquid lipstick. Use lip balm or lip gloss on just the centre of your lips to highlight them and make them appear juicier – luscious lips in no time.

You can also apply a very small amount of foundation or concealer to the edges of your lips to seamlessly blend them into your skin before overlining them. Be sure to get your exact face makeup shade match from the Maybelline Foundation Finder tool as the last thing you need is a dark or light halo all around your lips because your foundation shade did not match!

4. Using lip liner as a base can prolong the wear of your lipstick and increase its staying power. By colouring your lips in with a lip pencil, you are giving your lip crayons and bullet lipsticks a base to adhere to, making the lipstick stay in place for longer. This lip liner trick also makes your lip colour appear more matte.

5. Want to create the perfect “My Lips But Better Look” but don’t know how? All you need it a lip pencil shade that is just a tad bit darker than your natural lip colour. The goal here is to enhance the natural shade without it looking overdone. Use the Maybelline Virtual Try On tool and find the best lip liner that matches your lip shade. Apply this lip pencil all over your lips and top it off with lip balm for a natural no-makeup makeup look. The Virtual Try On tool is a fun way to experiment with different lip, face, and eye makeup products from the comfort of your own home and with no commitment.

Now that you know why you need to use a lip pencil, here is how to apply lip liner to get a picture-perfect pout every time -

1. Always prep your lips beforehand by exfoliating and applying a lip balm so they are not dry and chapped.

2. Pick a lip pencil shade that matches the colour of your lip makeup or the shade of your lips. You can also use a clear lip liner if you do not have an exact match.

3. Make sure your lip liner pencil is sharpened before using, this will ensure precise lines.

4. Start by drawing an X shape on your Cupid’s Bow to emphasize the shape. Then draw short strokes to connect the top of the X to the corners of your mouth, drawing along your natural lip line.

5. Use a very light hand and draw the strokes gently to avoid harsh lines.

6. For the bottom lip, start outlining from the middle and then move to each side while making the same short strokes.

7. Fill in the lips with the lip liner to create a smooth and even base for your lipstick. If you do not want to colour the entire lip, just blend some of the lip pencil shade inwards towards the centre of your lips to make sure that the rest of the lip makeup product blends in seamlessly.

8. Clean up the edges using a Q-tip for a more defined look. You can also blend some foundation or concealer around your lips to really make the colour pop!

There you go, we hope you are convinced that the lip liner hype is real. So, what are you waiting for, add a lip pencil to your shopping cart today and get ready to rock your favourite lipstick shade.

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