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Here is how you can create a custom lip shade at home by mixing lipsticks!

Custom Lip Shades by Mixing Lipstick - Maybelline India

No matter how many lipsticks one owns, there is always room for more! With different finishes, colours and textures there is always a reason to buy one more lipstick. But what if we told you, you could create any shade as per your liking by mixing lipsticks? Yes, it is possible! We are here with a guide that will help you mix custom lipstick shades and create your own perfect lip colour.

1. Lighten your lipstick

If you are not a fan of darker lipsticks, or in the mood to apply a lighter shade this one is for you. A simple trick to lighten your dark lipstick is by mixing a nude lip shade. If you have a peach toned nude, it is perfect for you. The peachy tones will make your lip colour appear lighter and give you a beautiful shade!

If you are wondering, “How to mix two lipstick shades?”, we have the answer for you. While mixing lipsticks, if you’re using a lipstick with a creamy matte formula, you can apply the lighter shade first and layer it with a small amount of your darker lipstick. This way you can control the intensity of your lipstick and give you the perfect shade.

If you are using a liquid lipstick, you can mix the lighter and darker shade at the back of your hand or a makeup palette. Mixing lipsticks this way will you give you a lip shade that is beautifully blended and as per your liking. You can also top your liquid lipstick with a lighter shade of creamy matte lipstick and blend it with your finger. Mixing lipsticks in this manner will give you a beautiful ombre look and lighten your lip colour as well.

2. Darken your lipstick

We’ve all purchased a lipstick that washes us out. Instead of letting that lipstick sit at the back of your drawer, why not mix it with other shades to suit you? The perfect way to darken your lip colour is by mixing a bright red or pink shade. Similar to how you lighten your lip colour, you can darken it by mixing lipsticks.

You can mix a nude that is too light for you, with a red shade to create a beautiful brick-toned nude. You can also mix two dark shades of bright red and berry to create a berry shade that is wearable for an everyday basis.

3. Add cool tones

There are some looks that require a cool toned lip to look perfect. However, if you don’t have a cool-toned lipstick you can simply add some blue eyeshadow to your lip colour. Remove some lipstick on a palette or on the back of your hand. Mix in some blue pigment and blend it well. Adding blue while mixing lipsticks, adds cool tones to your lip colour. For example, adding blue pigment to a pink lipstick will give you a cool-toned plum shade.

4. Add warm tones

Warm toned lipsticks are universally flattering! If you have lip shades that are too icy, you can add brightness to them by mixing in a orange or red lipstick shade. You can also scrape some red or yellow eyeshadow on a palette and mix in your lipstick. This will add a pop of brightness to your lip colous!

You can also make a big batch of your custom shade by melting two shades. You can add lipsticks to a spoon or ladle and melt it over a small flame. Make sure you don’t melt the creamy matte lipstick for too long, as it will mess up the formulation. Pour the melted lipstick in a small container or makeup palette and use it with a lipstick brush.

While doing your makeup, here are a few tools that will come in handy.

• The Maybelline Foundation Finder tool and Maybelline Fit Me Finder tool help you pick your perfect shade of foundation, concealer and powder

• The Maybelline Virtual Try On tool enables you to try out different products and create different looks virtually! You can try these products from the comfort of your home and buy them later!

• The Maybelline Lipstick finder tool helps you pick out a lipstick shade based on your mood and occasion.

Mixing lipsticks is a great way to make the most of them. It also helps you get a custom shade that is tailor made for you. You can also celebrate lipstick day, on 29th July by mixing lipsticks and experimenting with your lip makeup.

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