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A step-by-step guide to achieve the perfect office makeup look

Office Makeup Look - Maybelline India

For the past two years, most of us have been working remotely, which has its fair share of struggles and perks. One of the biggest perks in my opinion is being able to work without the pressure of dressing up or putting on makeup to look presentable. However, as the situation has improved people have returned to working from the office again. Along with dressing up well, your office makeup look also has to be crisp and professional. We are here with a detailed breakdown of a simple office makeup look that will surely make you look like the boss lady you are!

Face makeup - Less is more

For your office makeup, it is important to keep in mind that ‘Less is more.’ Applying minimal face makeup is the perfect way to get some coverage without it looking like a cakey mess.

• Start your makeup for work by applying some primer to a well moisturised face. Primer will help your makeup last longer without creasing.

• Apply a very thin layer of foundation and blend well. Simply dot the foundation across your skin to even it out. If you want additional coverage in your office makeup, you can apply concealer as well.

• Set it all in with a pressed powder to ensure your office makeup look lasts through long working hours.

• Apply some blush to your cheeks to add colour to your face.

• You can add a subtle pop of highlighter and lock in your face makeup with some setting spray.

To achieve flawless base makeup, it is important to pick the right shade of foundation, concealer and powder. If you struggle with it, the Maybelline Fit Me Finder tool and Maybelline Foundation Finder tool will come to your rescue. With these tools, you can virtually find a shade that fits your skin tone perfectly!

Eye makeup - Kept it simple, yet powerful

Your office eye makeup look has to be clean while making your eyes pop. Opt for neutral colours and avoid pops of bright colours when choosing your eye makeup for the office.

• Start by filling in your eyebrows, as this will help frame your face. Use an eyebrow pencil to make thin and natural looking strokes.

• As the next step for your office makeup look, apply a light dusting of matte brown eyeshadow across your lids. This will add the perfect amount of colour to your lids. Opt for shades in the brown colour family, as it is a neutral that is perfect for your simple office makeup look.

• With your eyeliner, draw a precise yet sharp winged eyeliner. Make sure you don’t make a wing that is too big, instead go for something minimal yet impactful. If you want a softer look with your liner, you can also use brown coloured eyeliner.

• If you want to define your eyes further, you can use some kajal on your waterline. This will open up your eyes and make you look super fresh.

• Complete your eye makeup with a few coats of mascara. This will give your eyelashes a wispy look and tie the whole makeup look together.

If you are unsure of which products to use for your office makeup, the Maybelline Virtual Try On tool lets you virtually try out products. You can create different looks with products from the Maybelline catalogue and buy what you like!

Lip makeup - A touch of colour!

Complete your office makeup look with a hint of lipstick! While choosing a lipstick shade, stay away from colours that are too deep or bold. Avoid shades like coral, red, burgundy and plum. Instead, opt for lipstick shades that have a nude or pink undertone to them. You can use lipsticks that are your perfect nude, peach, light pinks or even a terracotta brown. These shades are perfect for your office makeup and add the right amount of colour to your final look!

If you’re confused while picking your lip makeup, the Maybelline Lipstick Finder tool is perfect for you. This tool helps you pick a shade of lipstick based on the occasion and your mood.

Physically going back to the office may be difficult, but this office makeup will surely make you look chic! Choose products from Maybelline New York’s wide catalogue to ace your office makeup look, without burning a hole in your wallet.

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