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3 Star Wars-Inspired Makeup Ideas to Slay With Ease

Star Wars Makeup - Maybelline India

The start of May is an exciting time for all Star Wars fans because May 4 is National Star Wars Day. Star Wars characters are adored without a doubt, which is why we see more and more cosplay artists recreate those looks. If you are a Star Wars fan, why should you stay away from all the fun. Here’s how you can celebrate what is possibly your favourite day, by trying your hands on Star Wars-inspired makeup. Thinking of achieving Princess Leia makeup or Darth Vader makeup may sound difficult but trust us, it is not as tough as it seems. Not sure how to do your Jedi makeup this May? Don’t fret as we’re here to help. Here’s how you can get the simple beauty look of Princess Leia or other unconventional Star Wars-inspired makeup looks with ease.

1. Princess Leia makeup

To achieve the Princess Leia makeup look, go for the no-makeup makeup look and start by creating a flawless base. Use a primer to prep your skin and create a smooth canvas for the rest of your face makeup. Then, use a foundation to get an even complexion and smooth texture and follow it up with a concealer to banish the blemishes and conceal dark circles. (You can now find your ideal foundation shade by using the Maybelline Foundation Finder tool and your concealer and powder match by using the Maybelline Fit Me Finder tool in just a few clicks.) Further, lock your base makeup with pressed powder. Continue the Princess Leia makeup by defining your jawline and sculpting your face with contour. Give your skin a naturally flushed look with blush and add a spotlight on your features with a highlighter. For the eye makeup, use a brow pencil to shape your eyebrows well and then, use nude eyeshadow to colour your eyelids. Take your eye makeup up a notch by using a kajal on the waterline and applying a thick line of your liquid eyeliner right above your eyelashes. Next, add a dramatic volume to your eyelashes by using volumizing mascara. Complete your Princess Leia makeup look by colouring your lips with pink lipstick. For the perfect finish, make two large buns on the sides of your head and you will be all set to rock one of the most recognisable Star Wars looks.

2. Darth Vader makeup

Do your base makeup as usual and then add a hint of colour to your cheeks with nude blush. Create a show-stopping eye makeup by shaping your brows and then use a kajal pencil to line your waterline. Use dark and deep eyeshadow shades such as black or dark brown to colour your eyelids and create a smokey eye look. Further, smudge the eyeshadow all-around your eyes and lift and sculpt your eyelashes with waterproof mascara. Once that is done, use waterproof eyeliner and white eyeshadow to draw the Darth Vader mask on your face and your lips. Curl your hair or keep it loose and intensify your Darth Vader makeup by wearing a red or yellow lens.

3. Jedi makeup

Start this iconic makeup look by doing your base makeup well. We recommend skipping the foundation and going in straight with a natural coverage concealer to achieve the perfect Jedi makeup look. Then, use the green eyeshadow to colour your whole face. Elevate your eyes with kajal and eyeliner. Draw an effect of forehead lines with a white eyeshadow. Last, but not the least apply brown lipstick or go for the tinted lip balm if you like the “soft lips but better” look. Finish your Star Wars-inspired makeup with setting spray. This will not only keep the colours on your face for longer but also make them appear more vibrant. Accessorise your Jedi makeup look with a Jedi hairband.

Finalising your Star Wars-inspired makeup is now easy with the Maybelline Virtual Try-On tool. This tool helps you experiment with different face, eye, and lip makeup products virtually, from the comfort of your home, without you having to spend a penny. Moreover, you can also find your best-suited lipstick shade on the Maybelline Lipstick Finder tool that is exclusively for helping you choose the perfect lip colour. Once confident, try one of these Star Wars-inspired makeup looks and have all eyes on you this May! So, May the 4th be with you and your makeup skills.

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