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4 must-try makeup trends for 2022

Makeup Trends 2022 - Latest Makeup Trends

The year 2021 may have been a whirlwind, but we are almost at the end of it. As we enter the new year, there’s one thing we’re sure most makeup enthusiasts will be curious to know - what are the upcoming makeup trends? The runway is already flooded with trending makeup looks, which will be the talk of the town in 2022. But in case you missed them, we are here with a cumulative list of our favourite makeup trends for 2022, which you can easily rock any day and every day.

1. Luminous base:

This makeup trend from last year has successfully made its way into 2022. With skinimalism being all the rage today, a minimal and dewy base is going to be a trending makeup look. To achieve a luminous base, start by using a dewy primer. This will add a glow to your skin and help your makeup sit well. After this, you can apply a very light layer of foundation and concealer to even out your skin tone. If you are comfortable with lesser coverage, you can skip on using foundation. Follow it up with some blush and stick highlighter to add colour and glow to your skin.

To ace the luminous face makeup trend, it is crucial to choose the right shade of foundation, concealer and powder. With the Maybelline Foundation Finder tool, you can shade match yourself virtually and find products that fit you right.

2. Purple blush:

When we think of blush, we usually gravitate towards shades of pink and coral. However, at the end of 2021, the trend of purple blush started making rounds and seems to be dominating most part of 2022 as well. This makeup trend of 2022 is a unique one as not many people use purple blush. It adds beautiful colour to the skin and is suitable for all skin tones. If you are unsure of investing in a purple blush, you can use your purple lipstick as a blush and see how it looks.

3. The resurgence of lip trends:

We are all aware of the iconic lip trends of the early 90s. However, the most popular of them was the trend of lip lining. Looks like, this 90s lip makeup trend will come back with a bang in 2022. Lining your lips with a darker shade and using a lighter lip colour to fill in your lips will be a trending makeup look for 2022.

You can use a darker lip liner to line your lips and use a creamy lipstick to fill your lips. If you don’t have a lip liner, you can use your regular lipstick and line your lips with a fine tip brush. This trending makeup look is sure to make your lips look fuller and give them a pouty look. If you are unsure of which lipstick shade to wear for which occasion, this tool is perfect for you. The Maybelline Lipstick Finder tool will help you pick the right shade of lipstick virtually in a hassle-free manner!

4. Bold eyes:

From all the makeup trends in 2022, this trend gives us the most creative liberty. Statement eye makeup looks are going to be the new makeup trend that people across the globe are expected to follow. From graphic eyeliners to bold kajal and eccentric eyeshadow looks are going to be all the hype. You can rock these creative and bold eye looks at your parties in 2022!

If you are unsure of which products to choose for your look, you can use the Maybelline Virtual Try On tool and create different looks virtually. You can try and buy the products you love with zero commitments!

The makeup trends in 2022 are a blend of new trends along with the re-emergence of older looks. So, try these makeup trends and up your beauty quotient and look glamorous all through 2022.

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