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5 Makeup Trends For 2021

5 Makeup Trends For 2021

Makeup wasn’t a priority for most people in 2020 due to the situation across the globe. While most of us are still mostly indoors, 2021 makeup trends are here to help you combat your pandemic blues. 2021 has several latest makeup trends lined up for us. You can switch up your face makeup, eye makeup and lip makeup with these makeup trends. Let’s learn more about a few of these trending makeup looks and learn a new makeup style.

Bold Eyes

With masks being a vital accessory, it is your eyes that will do all the talking. Bold eyes are the latest makeup trend that is sure to amp up your ensemble. This is the best time to play around with colour, experiment with different eyeshadow looks. Get your creativity flowing! Your eyes are going to take the centre stage with a mask covering most of your face. Try new, colourful eye makeup trends or stick to your basic nude colour eyeshadow palette, but make sure your eyes pop.

If you are too lazy to apply eyeshadow, you can load your waterline with kajal to add some dimension to your eyes. If you want to add more drama to your look, you can use an eyeliner and create a bold and graphic eyeliner. You can also dabble into colourful eyeliners, which is a current trending makeup look and take your eye look up a notch. A great hack if you don’t have any coloured liners on hand can be to simply use your liquid lipstick. Remove some liquid lipstick on the back of your hand and use a fine tipped brush to create your eye look.

Wispy lashes

Fluttery and wispy eyelashes is another latest makeup trend that we are loving! It is a simple yet impactful look. If you don’t have naturally thick lashes, you can pop on some false lashes to make them fuller. But if false lashes aren’t your cup of tea, simply load your lashes with some mascara.

A few coats of mascara will make your lashes look fluttery, thick and help them stand out. Another makeup trend is to coat your lashes with some colourful mascara. After applying a coat of your favourite black mascara for volume and length, you can apply a couple of coats of a colourful mascara.

Bushy Eyebrows

Eye makeup trends are quite popular in 2021. Another latest makeup trend is to have full and bushy eyebrows. Being cooped at home, it is very tedious to maintain your eyebrows. But now, there is no need to do so. The bushy eyebrow makeup trend is in this year. Using a waxy eyebrow pencil you can fill in the gaps in your eyebrows and shape them.

Nostalgia makeup

It is official, the ’90s are back in style! Makeup trends from the ’90s have made a comeback and how. Popularly known as the Y2K era, several makeup trends have come back now. Latest makeup trends include frosty or metallic eyeshadow, lots of colour, dewy skin and glossy lips. This 2021 makeup trend surely reminds the millennials of their childhood days and is a trip down memory lane. This trendy makeup look doesn’t focus on accentuating one feature but is about the look as a whole. If you don’t have a lip gloss in your collection, simply add a lip balm to your creamy lipstick. This will give you a glossy finish with moisturized lips. You can also use your tinted lipbalm as a blush for a dewy pop of colour on your face. You can use the Maybelline Virtual Try On tool and try these products in real time. You can try these products virtually from the comfort of your home and buy them.

Lightweight base

All trending makeup looks have one makeup trend in common - a light and fresh base. Gone are the days of you applying a thick layer of foundation and concealer, instead a light layer of both is what is in. This latest makeup trend is all about embracing your skin and putting on a dewy and sheer base makeup look. A light layer of contour and lots of blush along with some highlighter seals this look. Dust a layer of powder to avoid any creasing and set it all in with a setting spray. To find your foundation and concealer shade, you can use the Maybelline New York Fit Finder tool. With this tool, you can find a shade that fits you perfectly, from the comfort of your home.

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