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10 must-have makeup products in your bridal makeup kit!

Must Have Makeup products For Bridal Makeup Kit - Maybelline India

After months of planning, the big day is soon approaching! Your wedding day surely has to be one of the biggest days of your life. We’re sure you’ve planned all events and bridal outfits in detail. However, it is now time to build your bridal makeup kit. Why is it a need you may ask? While you’re hiring makeup artists for all our big events, there will be smaller events, pujas and family parties to attend as a newly married bride. For all these functions you are sure to need your bridal makeup box, to look as beautiful as ever. We are here with a list of must-have makeup products, that will help you create different looks!

1. Primer

While building your bridal makeup kit, the first product you must grab is a good primer. Primers are a must-have makeup product as they lock your makeup in place. If you have oily skin, you can opt for a pore filling primer. For dry skin, a dewy primer works like magic.

2. Foundation & Concealer

No bridal makeup box is complete without a foundation and concealer. This is a must as your base makeup completely transforms your appearance. You can opt for a matte or full coverage foundation and concealer depending on your preference.

While picking your foundation and concealer, it is of utmost importance to pick the right shades. If you struggle with that you can use the Maybelline Fit Me Finder and the Maybelline Foundation Finder tool. These tools enable you to pick your perfect match virtually, from the comfort of your home.

3. Powder

To lock your foundation and concealer in place, you must have a powder in your wedding makeup kit. It is also great to add a pressed powder to your bridal makeup box. Pressed powders are travel-friendly and are perfect to touch up your makeup when you are on the go.

4. Blush

After doing your base makeup perfectly, you need to add some colour back to your face. This is why you must add a blush to your bridal makeup kit. You can choose a coral, pink or nude blush depending on your preference. With this product, you are sure to look like a ‘blushing bride’ always!

5. Highlighter

Every bride needs some glow! While your natural beauty will make you shine, add a hint of glamour to it by adding a highlighter to your bridal makeup box. A highlighter will instantly brighten up your appearance and give you an ethereal glow.

6. Eyeshadow

A basic eyeshadow palette is a must-have makeup product for every bride. Adding just a hint of eyeshadow to your eyelids will make your eyes pop and elevate your entire look. You can play around with different matte and shimmer shades to create various eye makeup looks!

If you’re confused about which product or variant to pick, the Maybelline Virtual Try-On tool will be super useful. With this tool, you can virtually create different looks with the products from the Maybelline catalogue.

7. Eyeliner

Another must-have makeup product is an eyeliner. On days when you are in no mood to do your makeup, winged eyeliner can completely transform your look. Make sure you add a liquid eyeliner to your bridal makeup kit to make your eyes pop!

8. Eyebrow & Kajal

Make sure to add a kajal to your bridal makeup box. Kajal is the perfect way to define your eyes and give you a smouldering look. You can also add an eyebrow pencil to your bridal makeup kit, as filling in your eyebrows can completely transform your appearance.

9. Mascara

To achieve those wispy and fluttery lashes, you must add mascara to your bridal makeup kit. Opt for waterproof mascara as it will last through your long events without smudging.

10. Lipstick

How can any bridal makeup kit be complete without a few lipsticks? Lipsticks are the perfect finishing touch to every look. Pair your favourite lipstick shade with some eyeliner on days you don’t want to wear too much makeup. For your bridal makeup box, you can pick and choose different lipstick shades based on your liking.

If you are unsure of what lipstick shade to pick, you can use the Maybelline Lipstick Finder tool. This tool picks out a perfect lipstick shade for you based on the occasion and your mood!

Weddings are chaotic, even if they are intimate or larger than life. However, with Maybelline New York products you are sure to look beautiful and glowing through all the events.

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