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Get An Instant Face Lift With Concealer

Get An Instant Face Lift With Concealer

We’ve all been roped into following a viral tik tok beauty trend that has proved to work wonders for us. We bring to you another tik tok trend that is simple, effective and helps you get a snatched look. We’re talking about achieving a “Fake facelift” using just your trusty old concealer. The facelift concealer hack is a simple hack that helps you lift your face in just two steps. Let’s learn more about how to facelift using a concealer.

What is the facelift concealer hack?

This facelift concealer hack is a viral tik tok trend that was posted by a tik tok creator, Megha Singh. She posted about a simple way of giving your face a lifted look and took the internet by storm. The first step would be to apply your foundation and begin with your face makeup. While applying your concealer, instead of opting for the traditional method of applying it in upside-down triangles to conceal your under eyes, you apply the product in a single swipe and blend it. People started recreating this hack and were amazed by the results. The secret sauce to achieving a facelift with concealer lies in three steps - using a creamy concealer, placing the concealer correctly and blending it well.

Which concealer should I use?

The efficacy of your facelift concealer hack is based on three factors of your concealer – its consistency, coverage, and your concealer shade. Let’s learn how you can choose the right type of concealer to get the desired effect.

Consistency: To achieve a facelift with concealer, choose a concealer that is creamy and gives you a dewy look. A concealer that is too matte, may dull down the facelift effect. If you have dry skin, you can choose a concealer that is creamy as well hydrating. For people with oily skin, choose a creamy concealer that blends well into your skin. You can set it very lightly with a loose powder and reduce the shine.

Coverage - If you want light coverage, you can opt for light to medium coverage concealer. This will give you a very natural look while still lifting your face. If you want to cover any acne scars of crow’s feet, you can opt for a full-coverage creamy concealer. This will give you coverage along with a concealer facelift.

Shade - Getting your concealer shade right can be daunting, but we are here to help you out. To get the concealer facelift, choose a shade that is two shades lighter than the concealer you use to cover your acne scars. A slightly lighter concealer will create the illusion of a naturally highlighted face and give you the perfect temporary lift. To pick the right shade of concealer for you, you can use the Foundation Finder tool. This tool helps you get the perfect shade match virtually and from the comfort of your home.

How to achieve the concealer facelift effect?

To achieve the concealer facelift effect, simply swipe your concealer upwards under your eyes. This will help you conceal while also lifting your face slightly. Here are a few points to keep in mind while executing the facelift concealer hack:

1. While applying concealer around your eyes

Remember to swipe your concealer in an upward motion, towards your eyebrow. After this, apply concealer on the outer corner of your eye dragging it towards your temple. This gives the illusion of lifted eyes and cheekbones, while also highlighting your face upwards instead of downwards. Once you have applied the concealer correctly, start blending it using a sponge, brush or simply your fingers. One thing to remember is to blend it in an upward motion and not to drag the concealer downwards. This will cause your face to flatten.

2. While applying concealer on your cheekbones

To accentuate and sharpen your facelift even more you can place your contour under your cheekbones. You can sharpen this contour by adding an upward swipe of concealer. Blend it well in an upward motion. Remember to blend the contour upwards too, this will lift your face some more. After this add some blush to the apples of your cheeks and some highlighter on the high points of your face. Try to keep this minimal as loading highlighter might make it look cakey. If you are unsure about your shade, you can use the Maybelline Virtual Try On Tool. With this tool, you can try all these products in real time, from the comfort of your homes.

After completing your face makeup, it is time to move on to your eye makeup. For an everyday look, you can opt for a natural eyeshadow look. You can add drama to this eye look with a sharp winged eyeliner. However, make sure your wing is upwards towards your temple, similar to your concealer. This will help you accentuate your concealer facelift and give you extra definition. To seal the deal, add some colour to your pout with a lipstick of your choice. After this last step, you and your snatched face are ready to head out around the town.

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