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4 types of colourful smokey eye makeup look you must try!

Colourful Smokey Eye Makeup - Maybelline India

Whenever we think of a sultry eye makeup look, a sexy smokey eye is what pops into our mind! It is a timeless eye look that creates a bold statement no matter the occasion. But people often shy away from opting for a smokey eye because they think black eyeshadow might not suit them. But who said black smokey eyes are the only option? We are here with colourful smokey eye makeup looks that will surely amp up your looks and change your opinion of the traditional smokey eye!

1. A pop of colour to your lower lashline

If you’re not a fan of the traditional black smokey eye, this modern twist on colourful smokey eyes is perfect for you. Instead of doing an intricate eye look, simply smoke out your lashline. You can do this with an eyeshadow colour of your choice. Opt for a neutral tone or a pop of colour to create an edgy look.

To add dimension to your eye makeup, start buffing some matte brown eyeshadow into your crease. Further, define your eyes with a winged eyeliner. Now apply your chosen colourful eyeshadow, use it right under your lashline. Blend it slightly for the smoked-out effect. Complete this fun spin on colourful smokey eyes with some kajal and mascara.

2. Dark blue smokey eye

If you want to do something different, but still stick to your basics with colourful smokey eye makeup, then a navy blue smokey eye is the right pick! A dark blue smokey eye is equally sultry but adds a striking look to your entire ensemble. It pairs beautifully with your cocktail looks and will surely fetch you compliments.

You can use dark eyeshadow to do a stunning smokey eye. However, if you are in a rush or looking for something quick, then a coloured eyeliner will come to your rescue. Start your colourful smokey eye makeup by simply drawing thick lines with your blue eyeliner and smudging them with your fluffy eye brush. This will help diffuse the pigment and create a seamless look. Complete this smokey look with your liquid eyeliner and some mascara!

3. A shimmery smokey eye

A hint of glitter never hurt anyone! If you are heading for a glam event or wedding, you can jazz up your colourful smokey eyes with some glitter. If you want your makeup to stand out, you can choose a shimmer shade similar to your base eyeshadow colour. You can experiment here and play around with green, blue and even purple eyeshadow tones! However, if you want a more neutral look, a golden or champagne shimmery on top of brown smokey eye makeup is a classic. To make your glitter stick to your lids, you can use some concealer. This will make your lids slightly tacky and ensure your loose glitter stays in place.

4. Ombre smokey eye

Are you in the mood to create a fun look? This colourful smokey eye makeup is perfect for you! An ombre makeup look is a great way to add an element of edge to your look. For your ombre colourful smokey eyes, you can opt for a rainbow eyeshadow look. Or even play around with light and dark shades of a particular colour.

To ace, this look, start by deciding the eyeshadow shades that you will want to incorporate in this colourful makeup look. After you have chosen the shades and gradient, start by placing the colour in the outer corner of your eye. Blend that colour well and move towards the inside of your eye. The key to ace the ombre colourful smokey eye makeup is to blend each shade well. Make sure there are no visible harsh or unblended lines, as this can ruin your makeup look.

While experimenting with colourful smokey eye looks, it is important to also ace your other makeup steps. Here are a few products that will help you make choosing your makeup products easy.

• The Maybelline Foundation Finder tool and Maybelline Fit Me Finder tool help you pick your perfect shade of foundation, concealer and powder

• The Maybelline Virtual Try On tool enables you to try out different products and create different looks virtually! You can try these products from the comfort of your home and buy them later!

• The Maybelline Lipstick finder tool helps you pick out a lipstick shade based on your mood and occasion.

While your classic makeup look makes you look like a star, it is important to step out of your comfort zone and try new looks. With products from Maybelline New York, you can perfect your signature and experimental makeup looks super easily!

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