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Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Liner Swatches
Maybelline Pencil Lip Liners

Lip liner

Define your lips and grab some eyeballs with the precise lip liner pencils from Maybelline. Whether you want to give your lips more volume or compensate for small differences in shape, Maybelline lip liners are a great starting point for your lip makeup. Outline just the edges or fill in your lips with these soft lip pencils for the perfect pout.


If we had to pick an underrated makeup product that does not get the recognition it deserves, it would have to be a lip liner. Lip liners not only help you create a crisp outline but also increase the wear of your lipstick and prevent it from bleeding and feathering out of your natural lip line. Quite a rage in the 90s, lip liner pencils unfortunately lost their charm in the years that followed, but it is finally making a comeback, and we could not be happier. Here are 10 genius lip liner hacks, tips, and tricks that will help you take your lip makeup game to a whole new level –

1. If you cannot find a lip pencil shade that matches your lipstick shade exactly, use a lip pencil that closely matches the colour of your lips or use a nude or clear lip liner. Use the Maybelline Virtual Try On tool to test out the different Maybelline lip liner shades and find one that perfectly complements your skin tone and the natural colour of your lips.

2. Do not outline your lips in one continuous line. Instead, use multiple short strokes to get a precise and crisp line.

3. Contrary to popular belief, a super sharp lip liner pencil is going to make the outline of your lips look unnaturally defined. Instead, use a soft and creamy lip pencil like the Color Sensational Shaping Lip Liner to accentuate your lips. The Maybelline Lip Liner is perfect to a create bold definition without looking over the top.

4. Applying a lip liner is more than just outlining your lips and calling it a day. Here is how to apply a lip liner pencil to get an impactful lip –

a. Draw an X shape at the center of your top lips to define the Cupid’s Bow.

b. Outline the upper lip in short strokes. Go slightly over the natural lip line if you want to fake a fuller and plumper lip.

c. Use the lip liner to colour inside the lips, focusing on the lip corners and the center of your lip’s curves.

d. For the bottom lip, start from the center of your lip and move towards the outer corners.

e. You can also fill in the entire top and bottom lip with the lip liner before going in with your favourite lipstick for a bolder look or leave it as is for a soft and opaque look.

5. What primer is to face makeup, lip balm is to your lip makeup. Before going in with a lip pencil and lipstick, prep your lips with a generous coat of lip balm.

6. Know your angles when applying lip liner. If you only apply your lip liner pencil while looking straight ahead in the mirror, you might not get a flawless application, especially if you are a beginner. To see an overall view of your lips, move your chin up, down, and sideways, to get a full 3D view of your lips and make sure that your lip liner looks clean and precise from all angles.

7. Just like how you contour and highlight your face to add dimension, you can use two different lip pencil shades to add dimension to your lips to make them look fuller. Use a lighter shade in the center of your lips and outline the rest of your lips with a slightly darker shade to create a gradient ombre effect that creates the illusion of a plump pout. Another trick to fake a plump lip is to add a small amount of a dark powder just under your lower lip to create a shadow. But do not pick a shade that’s too dark or it might end up look a patchy mess. To find the perfect shade of powder for the shadow, use the Maybelline Foundation Finder tool and first find the exact shade match for your skin tone. Next, pick a shade that is one or two shades darker and use that for contouring under your lower lip!

8. If you want the look of a matte lipstick without the drying effect of a liquid lipstick, simply colour your entire lip with a matte lip liner and lightly blend it in with the warmth of your fingers and voila! A matte lip that feels creamy and comfortable for an all day wear.

9. Who says you can only use lip liners on your lips? Switch things up and add a fun pop of colour to your eye makeup by using a lip liner as eyeliner. You can also apply the lip liner pencil all over your eyelid to act as an eyeshadow base..

10. This might come as a shocker to some, but lip liner does not need to always go on top of lipsticks! Start by applying your lipstick as you normally would and then go over with your lip pencil to perfect the edges and get a more defined and precise line that still looks natural.

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