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Maybelline Face Highlighter
Maybelline Highlighter Makeup

Highlighter Makeup

Bring out your glow and shine like a star with the Maybelline highlighters. Our face highlighters are perfect for shining a spotlight on your features and enhancing your natural radiance. Enjoy a luminous glow-from-within look with our liquid highlighter or strobing stick or be extra with the shimmer highlighter with a blinding metallic sheen. Subtle or sparkly, it’s your time to shine with the different shades of Maybelline face highlighters.

Get your glow on with highlighters

A dewy and glowy face makeup look is perfect for all occasions. You can opt for the soft glow from within look or choose a more blinding highlight. Whatever look you wish to achieve, there is a Maybelline highlighter for you.

A touch of highlighter can help bring your whole makeup look together. Highlighters accentuate the highest points of your face, as the light hitting your face adds a glow and radiance. It helps mimic the effect of plump and healthy skin by adding just the right amount of glimmer. Maybelline New York has an array of highlighters in different finishes - powder, liquid and stick, we have it all! Each highlighter has its USP and needs to be applied at the right step of your makeup. Here is a quick step by step guide that will help you choose the perfect finish and apply the highlighter at the right step in your makeup routine.

1. Liquid illuminator

A liquid illuminator, also popularly known as a strobing cream, is a great choice for the natural glow from within look. You can mix this liquid illuminator with your foundation for a natural and dewy look. If you want a more muted glow, can apply a pump of the strobing cream under your foundation. Ace your base with the perfect shade of foundation that fits you right. Try the Maybelline Fit Me Finder tool and answer a few questions to find a shade that suits your unique skin tone and undertone The Maybelline New York Facestudio Master Strobing Liquid Illuminating Highlighter is a perfect choice if you want a radiant and glowy complexion. It is available in two shades - Pink and Nude. Can’t make up your mind between these two shades? Head over to the Maybelline Virtual Try On tool to try on the liquid illuminator and pick the one that you think flatters you more.

Best for - If you have normal to dry skin, a liquid highlighter is a perfect pick for you.

Pros - It gives you a very natural-looking glow It is also easier to blend out and simply melts into your skin.

Cons - Liquid highlighters aren’t the best if you want a blinding highlighter effect.

2. Stick highlighter

A stick highlighter is similar in application to a cream highlighter. It melts into your skin and gives you a radiant and dewy look. While doing your makeup, it is advisable to not use cream products over powder. This is why the best time to apply your stick highlighter is after you apply your foundation, concealer and cream contour, and before setting it all in with a powder. Apply the stick highlighter on the high points of your cheek and achieve the ultimate strobe effect. The Maybelline New York Facestudio Master Strobing Stick Illuminating Highlighter is apt for the natural yet impactful glow from within look. It is available in two shades - Pink and Nude.

Best for - Ideal for people with dry to combination skin.

Pros - Perfect for everyday use and is also super user friendly as it comes in a stick form. Just apply it to the high points of your face and gently blend it with your fingertips.

Cons - Cream highlighter can look patchy on people with oily skin if not blended correctly

3. Powder highlighter

A powder highlighter has a broad spectrum, you can achieve any look you desire with a powder highlighter. From a soft and subtle glow to a blinding shine, one pan of powder highlighter can do it all. After doing your base makeup, add a splash of powder highlighter on the high points of your face to enhance your complexion. Seal in your entire makeup look with a spritz or two of setting spray. The Maybelline Master Chrome Highlighter is available in two shades - Molten Gold and Molten Rose Gold, perfect for all different skin tones and undertones

Best for - Powder highlighters are work wonders for people with oily skin.

Pros - You can create a soft glow or can also build up your powder highlighter for a blinding effect! Also, you need very little product even when you want to go full glam. Your powder highlighters will last you a lo(oo)ng time.

Cons - Powder highlighters can be a bit difficult to blend with your fingertips. You need a brush to precisely apply your powder highlighter. You want to highlight just the highpoints of your face - not look like a shiny disco ball!

Your foundation, eyeshadow and lip makeup can all be on point, but a touch of your favourite highlighter seals in the deal, unlike any other makeup product. Choose your perfect highlighter and glow on the outside, like the goddess within you.

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