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Maybelline Contour Kit
Maybelline Contour Makeup

Contour Makeup

Face contouring is all about playing with shadows to sharpen, enhance, and define your facial contour. Use the Maybelline contour to sculpt your face and define your features like a pro. Say hello to sharp cheekbones and a defined jawline with this contour stick. And that’s not all, the dual-ended contour stick also comes with a lighter highlighting shade that you can use to illuminate your beautiful features! Create quick and easy looks with this 2-in-1 Maybelline makeup contouring and highlighting stick.

Chisel those cheekbones with the perfect contour

In the past few years, face contouring has become an integral part of almost every makeup enthusiasts’ makeup routine. The art of contouring was made popular to the masses when the Kardashians and beauty gurus took over Instagram and revealed their secret to achieving a perfectly chiselled face. Prior to this, face contouring was an art that was practised by drag queens to add definition and dimension to their face.

What is contouring?

Contouring is a step in your makeup routine that uses light and deep foundation shades to create a slimming effect on your face. A shade that is slightly deeper than your skin tone is used to create a shadow on your face. By doing this, the high points of your face pop more when the light hits it.

Cream or powder contour - which one should I choose?

Cream, powder, and liquid - these are the three different contour textures that you can use to contour your face. Here is all you need to know about cream and powder contour, the two most popular and easy to use contour styles.

Cream Contour

Cream contour is applied after you apply your foundation and concealer. Using your fingers, brush or makeup sponge, you can blend the cream contour in so no harsh lines are visible. It is important to not set your face with a setting powder before applying your cream contour, as it may become slightly difficult to blend it well. Cream contouring is perfect when you want a more natural look and is best suited for people with normal to dry skin. A cream contour stick can be a great option to carry while travelling due to its easy and mess-free application. The Maybelline New York V-face Duo Contour Stick is a dual-ended stick with a cream contour at one end and a cream highlighter on the other. The contour makeup stick is a perfect two in one product that helps you contour and highlight, all in one! It is available in two shades - light to medium and medium to dark. You can pick a shade that is the most flattering to your skin tone and contour away. You can test which shade in the contour stick is a better match for your skin tone from the comfort of your homes using the Maybelline Virtual Try-On tool. The Virtual Try On tool enables you to try the product virtually before buying it and you can also try out other products in the Maybelline catalogue like eyeshadow, powder, lipstick, and more to create your complete face makeup, eye makeup, and lip makeup look.

Powder Contour

Powder contours are ideal for when you want a bolder and sharper contour. Using a contour powder for editorial shoots, fancy events and weddings are advisable as it lasts longer and helps you create a more impactful look. A simple hack to find the perfect contour powder shade for your skin tone is to use the Maybelline Fit Me Finder tool to find your exact shade match of powder foundation and then pick a shade that is two shades darker than your powder shade. Powder contour can be applied after you are done with your base makeup. While applying your powder contour, start slow and build up the intensity gradually as it can be very difficult to blend your contour powder after application. For an even more impactful and sharp contour, you can top your cream contour with a sweep of powder contour. Add a hint of blush and highlighter to complete your face makeup.

How to contour 101

The first few steps to achieve the perfect contour include priming your skin and applying your perfect shade of foundation and concealer. For face contouring, it is important to determine your face shape. Here is a guide on how to contour for every face shape:


If you have a square-shaped face, your forehead, jawline and cheekbones are of the same width. Lengthen your face by applying your contour to the outer corners of your forehead and jawline and highlight your cheekbones, centre of the forehead, nose tip and chin.


If your face has rounded corners and is perfectly proportional, then you have a round face. While contouring a round face apply contour to the sides of your forehead, along your temples, below your cheekbones, and on your jawline.


If you have a slightly larger forehead and a more rounded yet smaller jawline, then you have an oval-shaped face. Sweep your contour stick under your cheekbones and on the outer edges of your forehead.


A diamond-shaped face has a pointed chin and high cheekbones, with a narrower hairline. While contouring your diamond-shaped face, you should focus on making it appear longer. For this, you should contour the sides and centre of your forehead to make it appear longer.


If your forehead is the widest part of your face with a tapered jawline, you have a heart-shaped face. While contouring, use your contour palette and add definition to your centre of your jawline, the temples and under your cheekbones.

Contouring truly helps you define and sculpt your face and achieve a structured look. Go ahead and start your contouring magic!

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