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Access Mental Health Resources

A global mental health initiative to support everyone experiencing anxiety and depression. Along with our community of mental health experts/partners, we have created support tools to help you spot the signs, practice self care, and access resources.

01 Spot The Signs - Maybelline India
Spot The Signs

What Is Mental Health?

Mental health implies the ways in which we think, feel, or behave in moments of calmness and composure, as well as moments of distress or chaos. Every single individual experiences mental stress and other conditions in different ways. It’s important that we are aware of support options that are accessible in times of distress.

Mental health problems and conditions can be different experiences for everyone. Each mental health problem may have its own set of unique signs that can overlap with each other.

02 Talk About It - Maybelline India
Talk About It

What Can I Do To Care For Myself?

Silence, secrecy and stigma towards mental health, delays us from taking little steps in caring for ourselves. You may want to consider accessing mental health support through some of the resources mentioned below.

03 Brave Together Chatbot

Browse Mental Health Resources

Talk to our Brave Together Virtual Assistant, that has collated mental health resources at your fingertips.

04 Call a Helpline Maybelline India
Call A Helpline

Reach out to a Counseling Helpline

Our service partner - Sangath is an Indian not-for-profit organisation.

If you or anyone you know would like to talk to a counselor/professional and receive mental health support, #reachout.

The helpline is free and available daily between 10 am and 6 pm including public holidays.

Support is available in English, Hindi, Marathi, and Konkani.

You will receive a call back within 24 hours if the helpline is busy or if you call outside of the helpline hours.

Sangath's tele-counseling Helpline +011-41198666

05 Find community support - Maybelline India
Explore Resources

Find Community Support

Support groups are safe spaces where you can connect with people who share similar identities and experiences as you. lists various online and offline support groups and group therapy gatherings across India, that cater to various communities and mental health needs.

06 find-professional
Find Professional Help

Looking to reach out to a professional?’s community of specially curated therapists care deeply about mental health and are dedicated to helping you take care of yours. You can find details about their independent therapy practice such as fees, qualifications, areas of expertise as well as their hopes, values and approach towards mental health.

07 Read a few resources - Maybelline India
Read A Few Resources

Find stories, poems, articles, as well as audios and downloadable resources to guide you through your mental health journey. These resources are authored by users of therapy as well as mental health professionals. Click here to get started!

08 Practice self care - Maybelline India
Practice Self Care

Self care is an important way to support your mental health on a regular basis. Here are some mental health exercises that can you get started.
Give Yourself Permission To Feel Your Feelings.
Ground yourself, in any practice that helps you snap out of a spiral of thoughts and bring you to the present moment.

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